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My name is Kaije

Welcome to my page! I like to draw cute anime girls. Sometimes lewd, sometimes not... buuuut sometimes lewd. I've not been into anime long, but have become very passionate about it. I especially enjoy slice of life, yuri, romances, and melodramas. I now even enjoy finding hidden manga gems!I keep all my anime and manga achievements tracked on AniList (link is below), along with my top 25 anime, manga, and best girls.By day I work for an ISP in the US. On my off hours I work on commissions, and stream my art to Twitch while listening to some great otaku music.I've been drawing for about 10 years total. I started when I was 10, but circumstances halted me being able to draw when I was 15. I then picked art back up about 5 years ago when I met my wife. After my father passed, I ended up turning towards drawing anime fan art.Want to commission me to bring your idea into reality? Get in touch!


terms of service

These terms will give you my policies regarding usage, copyright, and refunds.
Terms are subject to change.

All sales are final, and no refunds will be made once the transaction is completed. Completed works are for personal use only unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.• I have the right to refuse any commission requests without need of an explanation
• Without the original owner's consent, I will not replicate or reproduce any copyrighted materials
• As I am creating original content, I can preserve any and all rights to the commission (e.g. distribution, reproduction, or promotions)
• The client may not edit, distribute, reproduce, claim credit of, or trace the commission
• You may not directly profit from the commission (this does not include emote commissions)
• Any large scale alterations that require a change to the line-art will be declined
• Any small-scale changes will require consultation with me within 24 hours
• Clients have permission to display the commission on any online profile granted that the watermark or signature are legible
• Rough drafts, any previews, and final drafts will be either emailed or sent via DM to whichever service the client prefers
• I accept USD via PayPal only
• Client must pay in advance via invoice
• Donations/tips do not count towards a commission
• Major changes after the sketch may result in an additional charge
• Before I send you a sketch, I will send a full refund
• Anything after the sketch will result in 50% refund
• Anything after the finished piece will result in no refund.
• PLEASE KNOW IT WILL TAKE A FEW DAYS TO PROCESS DUE TO PAYPAL. If it takes more than a few days to a week, please message me
I will not draw
• Mecha
• Gore
• Furries or Animals (Animal ears/tail aka "Kemonomimi" are ok)
• Dragons
• Hentai/Intercourse (Lewd/Nude is okay)
• Please consider my style before requesting a commission
• Please provide near perfect, clear, and specific references
• If you have any questions or concerns about your product, feel free to contact me through email (kaije7 at yahoo.com), Twitter (kaije7art), or Discord (Kaije#0007)
"OldWinterKing Clause"
• Any commissioner that becomes rude, demanding, or aggressive forfeits their rights to a commission from me, and will NOT receive a refund.

Squeeze the Fluff!

commission prices

commercial commissions are triple the listed price

illustration (head shot/pfp) - $130 USD

illustration (half-body/bust) - $180 USD

illustration (full body) - $255 USD

illustration (3-piece) - $395 USD

prices include a simple or no background

moderate background +$70 USD

detailed background +$150 USD

one additional character = double listed price
male characters +$35 USD each
+50% for oc's w/no or too few references
nude +$100 USD per character
rush order +$100

emotes - $25 USD each - 3 for $60 usd
commercial (twitch) emotes: double price



To inquire about commissioning me for your idea,
send me an Email, or join my Discord server and send me a DM
Email: kaije7 at yahoo.com
Discord: Kaije#0007
(links are down below)

Email Template
Commission Inquiry
• Your PayPal Email
• Your Discord handle
• Provide any references or details that may help me with the creative process. This includes describing the pose/positioning, expressions, personalities, etc., that may help individualize the project. Any details and references may be screenshots, links, or uploads. If the request details are far too extensive and detailed, there may need to be a consultation appointment made for additional detailing along with any added fees.
• Do you agree with my terms of service?

spotify local files

Anohana: the flower we saw that dayaoi shiorigalileo galileiOP
Anohana: the flower we saw that dayi left youremediosinsert
Anohana: the flower we saw that daysecret base (10 years after version)menma, anjo, tsurumied
anonymous noiseÉtude (w/vocal)ninoinsert
anthem of the heartwatashi no koenaruse juninsert
anthem of the heartTamago no Naka ni wa Nani ga Arutakumi sakagamiinsert
anthem of the heartKokoro ga Sakebidasu/Anata no Namae Yobuvariousinsert
bloom into youhectopascalyuu & toukoed
bloom into youkimi ni fureteriko azunaop
bloom into youriseriko azunainsert
bloom into yousuki, igai no kotoba deyuu & toukoinsert
bokubennever give it upvarioused
clannaddango daikazokuchataed
clannad: after storytoki wo kizamu utaliaop
clannad: after storytorchliaed
harukana receivefly two blueharuka & kanataop
how not to summon a demon lordsaiaku na hi demo anata ga sukiyu serizawaed
kaguya-sama: love is warchikatto chika chikachika fujiwaraed2
kaguya-sama: love is warlove dramaticmasayuki suzukiop
a place further than the universethe girls are alright!sayaop
a place further than the universeHaruka Tookusayainsert
a place further than the universekoko kara, koko karavarioused
a place further than the universemata nesayainsert
a place further than the universeone stepvariousinsert
a place further than the universeSora Wo Miagetesayainsert
Rascal Does Not Dream...BABY!Sweet BulletInsert
Rascal Does Not Dream...fukashigi no kartevarioused
saoigniteeir aoiop3
saoinnocenceeir aoiop2
sao: gun gale onlineto see the futurekaren kohirumakied
scum's wishheikousensayuried
sound! euphoniumtutti!kitauji quarteted1
tada-kun never falls in loveOtomodachi Filmmasayoshi ooishiop
Your Lie in Aprilhikaru naragoose houseop1
Your Lie in Aprilkiramekiwaccied1
Your Lie in Aprilnanairo symphonycoalamode.op2
Your Lie in AprilOrange7!!ED2

spotify local files

clannadnagisakey sounds labelost
clannadthe palm of a tiny handkey sounds labelost
a place further than the universekoko kara, koko kara (acoustic)ostost
a place further than the universethe girls are alright! (piano)ostost
sound! euphoniumai wo mitsuketa bashomatsuda akitoost
sound! euphoniumishiki no hougamatsuda akitoost
sound! euphoniumfrom the new world-symphony no.9dvorak/reina kousakaost
sound! euphoniummikazuki no maimatsuda akitoost
sound! euphoniumprovence no kazematsuda akitoost
sound! euphoniumsamba de loves youmatsuda akitoost
sound! euphoniumhibike! euphoniumvariousost
violet evergardenalways watching over youevan callost

twitch emotes